MAGIC 2010 Down Under - The Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge

The Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge (MAGIC 2010) was jointly sponsored by the Australian and US Departments of Defence to attract innovative proposals from worldwide research organizations to develop next-generation fully autonomous ground vehicle systems that can be deployed effectively in military operations and civilian emergency situations.... Read More

Space Daily - U.S. robot teams set for Aussie face-off

Three teams from the United States are among six finalists whose robots will go head-to-head in a joint U.S.-Australia multimillion-dollar design challenge..... Read More

Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University - The Challenge: A Small Business Perspective on Entering an Unmanned Systems Competition

When your company is in the business of autonomy for unmanned systems, does it make sense to enter a contest? Universities routinely enter competitions as an opportunity for hands-on experience for students but what are the advantages for a small business?..... Download PDF

Catalyst - Robot Wars

In less than a decade robots have revolutionised the way wars are fought. Lethal Predator planes are flown on air raids over Afghanistan from office chairs in the United States. There are tens of thousands of unmanned vehicles in action...... Watch video

RDECOM TARDEC - Autonomous Vehicles Panel: 2011 Pacific Operations Science & Technology Conference.....Download presentation

Robotic Technology Consortium - AUTONOMOUS ROBOT IS CANINE’S TOP DOG

TARDEC described the CANINE program goals as “The desired behaviors are akin to those possessed by the military working dogs of years past. ...... Read more

Thanks so much to all that were involved in the above projects for allowing Cedar Creek Defense to be a part of the team. Why not incorporate our many talents into your team today?

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