C4ISR Network Modernization

Electrical Engineering Support on All US Army Communication Systems

US Army MRAPS and MATVs Power Management Systems and Subsequent Sub Systems

Improved Mobility and Operational Performance through Autonomous Technologies (IMOPAT)

Safe Operations Of Unmanned Systems For Reconnaissance In Complex Environments (SOURCE)

Supervised Autonomy to Neutralize and Detect IEDs (SANDI)

Combat Autonomous Mobility System (CAMS)

Remote Mine Detection System (RMDS)

Safe Operations (SafeOps)

Route Runner

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)

Near Autonomous Unmanned System (NAUS)
Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS)

Vetronics Technology Integration (VTI)

Organic Air Vehicle (OAV)

EXcalibur Unmanned Air Vehicle

"Connecting The Warfighter"

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